Campinas electric trams

The J. G. Brill Co. of Philadelphia built hundreds of trams for Brazilian cities, including a single car for Belém in 1906. The English operators of the Belém tramway system ordered the rest of their electric vehicles from England. Brill built 17 open cars for Campinas and the Campinas tramway company built similar vehicles in its shops, using Brill parts. Here is Campinas electric tram number 1 from Brill order 17892 of 18 July 1911 – the very first electric tram that Campinas acquired from the United States [Brill Magazine, Philadelphia, 7/1912, p. 219]:

In the 1930s Campinas trams were renumbered in the 100s and remodeled: clerestories and bulkheads were removed, vestibules were enclosed, bodies were lengthened and the 6+4 bench arrangement was replaced by 9 single benches. Here is former Campinas tram 125 (ex-25) operating as number 4 in Portugal Park in April 1981. (It still runs there today.) [Allen Morrison]:

Campinas tram 110 (presumably ex-10), which went to Belém in 2004, is from this group.


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