The Tramways of São Carlos
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(01) A photograph taken in 1913 in La Croyère, Belgium, of one of the six passenger trams that Société Franco-Belge built that year for São Carlos, Brazil. [col. AM]
(02) Inauguration of the São Carlos electric tramway, in front of the Paulista Railroad station, on Sunday 27 December 1914 [see map]. All six cars of the fleet are shown in this view. The initials "CPE" of the Companhia Paulista de Eletricidade are visible on some. [postcard, col. AM]
(03) A postcard view from about 1920 of Rua Conde do Pinhal at its intersection with Rua 9 de Julho [see map]. A tram has climbed the steep hill and is turning south toward the railroad station. [col. AM]
(04) A picture of car 15 about 1930. Photographic quality is poor, but the view is included because this passenger tram was a reconstruction of a freight car. [col. AM]
(05) A postcard view looking west on Rua General Osório from the corner of Av. São Carlos [see map]. Note steep grades and the passing siding for the trams. Judging from the automobiles, this picture was taken about 1940. [col. AM]
(06) Tram 7, still in its 1913 condition, at the "Companhia Paulista" station in 1958. This view and the following eight views on this page were taken by U.S. tram fan William Janssen on Saturday 28 October 1958.
(07) Tram 11 passes Praça Antônio Prado in front of the Paulista station [see map]. Like most of the trams that Mr. Janssen saw in São Carlos in 1958, this one has had its platforms enclosed. Tram number 17 passes in the background. [William Janssen]
(08) Tram 5 at an unidentified location, probably one of the side streets near the railroad station. [William Janssen]
(09) Two trams pass on the Vila Nery line. The view is west on Rua 7 de Setembro at the intersection of Rua Dona Alexandrina [see map]. Tram 7 in the foreground is inbound, turning south. [William Janssen]
(10) Same place as in the preceding photograph, but looking east. The inbound tram in the distance is turning south onto Rua Dona Alexandrina. [William Janssen]
(11) Tram 11 on the loop at the end of the Vila Nery line. This was the only loop on the tramway system; at other termini the cars reversed ends. [William Janssen]
(12) Tram 3 at Santa Casa terminus [see map]. The red crosses in the background identify the hospital buildings. Also see photo 23, below. [William Janssen]
(13) Tram 3 headed east on Rua General Osório, west of the railroad tracks [see map]. An electric train of the Paulista Railroad has just left the station, bound for Araraquara. The trees visible above the train are in the Praça Antônio Prado. [William Janssen]
(14) Opposite view, looking west on General Osório. The Paulista station is out of sight on the left. Note lack of wire over the tram line in the section where it crosses the Paulista tracks: see main text. [William Janssen]
(15) After the São Carlos tramway closed in 1962, the fleet was stored at the depot on Rua Padre Teixeira. Here is car 7, still in its original 1913 condition, in 1963. [Raymond DeGroote]
(16) Also in the depot in 1963 were passenger car 5 and "Carne Verde" (Fresh Meat) car 19. Note the Brill model 21E truck. [Raymond DeGroote]
(17) In 1964 tram 7 was restored and placed in a shelter on Praça dos Voluntários near the center of town [see map]. I took this picture in 1981. [AM]
(18) My 1981 closeup of tram 7, with two inscriptions: "Meio século a serviço da comunidade" (Half century of service to the community) and "Eu sou o bonde da saudade" (I am the streetcar of nostalgia). [AM]
(19) Tram 7 at Praça dos Voluntários in 2003. The Rotary Club São Carlos has maintained the car in this park for 40 years – almost as long as it ran on São Carlos streets! [Antonio Gorni]

(20) Closeup in 2003. The car has lost its slogans, but is kept in good condition and is still signed "3 - Vila Nery". Belgian tramway enthusiasts and historians travel to São Carlos to see this vehicle, for it is the only one of its kind in the world. [Antonio Gorni]

(21) Another view of tram 7 in the park. These 2003 photographs were taken in June, when flowering trees were in bloom. [Antonio Gorni]
(22) The scene inside, June 2003. [Antonio Gorni]
(23) São Carlos tram 7 photographed on 13 August 2006. [Antonio Gorni]
(24) Car 7 photographed in September 2010, at its new location at the former tram terminus in Vila Nery [see map]. [Vadim Harlamov]
(25) Rumors had circulated for years that another tram had been preserved, and it was finally found on a nearby farm on 22 March 2006, when this photo was taken. Tram 3 is also shown in photos 12 and 13 above. [Ayrton Camargo e Silva]
(26) The logo of the Companhia Paulista de Eletricidade which appeared on the front and back of each tram after about 1920. [Antonio Gorni]

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