The following books, articles and maps provide information on tramways in Brazil in general or in more than one city. Unpublished sources of information, such as correspondence, interviews and builders' lists, are omitted. Places of publication that are cited frequently are abbreviated: L = London; NY = New York; RJ = Rio de Janeiro; SP = São Paulo; W = Washington. The location of an article in a periodical is indicated as follows: year/month/day, page(s).


Abbink, John. "Looking at Transit in South America." Transit Journal (NY), 1939/5, 162-4. Brief survey, mostly concerning fares.

Almanak Administrativo, Mercantil e Industrial ("Almanak Laemmert"). RJ, 1844-1940. Early tram data, especially for Rio de Janeiro.

American & Foreign Power Company. Annual Reports, 1927-36. NY, 1928-37. Tramways acquired by the Electric Bond & Share Company.

"American & Foreign Power Company." Moody's Manual of Investments, 1927-. NY, 1928-. Yearly accounts provide more detail than Annual Reports. Table on p. 2179 of 1931 volume lists all rail operations in Latin America in 1930.

Annuario de Minas Geraes. 6 vols., Belo Horizonte, 1906-18. The descriptions of towns in vols. IV (1911), V (1913) and VI (1918) make frequent references to tramways. Tramway lists in vol. IV, pp. 163-5 and 251-2.

Berner, Allan J. "Foreign Trolley Lines." Railroad (NY), 1965/2, 39-40. "Brazilian Trolley Lines." Railroad, 1965/3, 38-9. Illustrated surveys of 12 tramways operating in 1964.

"Bonde: Uma Saudade ou uma Solução?" Petrobrás (RJ) no. 280, 1977/4, 22-9. Brief history of trams in Brazil's capital cities.

Brazil. Commissão Brazileira na Exposição Universal de Vienna, 1873. The Empire of Brazil at the Vienna Universal Exhibition of 1873. RJ, 1873. (Also published in Portuguese, French and German editions.) Valuable data on early tramways, pp. 229-33. Also see pp. 334-40 of pamphlet issued at Philadelphia Exhibition of 1876.

Brazil. Directoria Geral de Estatística. Bulletin Commémoratif de l'Exposition Nationale de 1908. RJ, 1908. fold-out chart and tramway list, pp. 138-9.

Brazil. Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística. Anuario Estatístico do Brasil, 1912-59. RJ, 1917-59. (Issued by Ministério da Agricultura, Indústria e Commércio, 1917; Instituto Nacional de Estatística, 1930-7.) Principal source of tramway statistics. But uneven: in some years only capital cities reported; some systems ignored in all years.

"Brazil. IBGE (see above). Enciclopédia dos Municípios Brasileiros. 36 vols., RJ, 1957-8. Mammoth survey, with thousands of photos, of every Brazilian town. Little tram data, but many pictures of cars.

Brazil. IBGE (see above). Conselho Nacional de Geografia. I Centenário das Ferrovias Brasileiras. RJ, 1954. Description of "railroad" tramways: Campos do Jordão, Corcovado, Nova Lima, Votorantim.

Brazil. IBGE (see above). Serviço Nacional de Recenseamento. Recenseamento Geral de 1950. RJ, 1958. "Carris Urbanos," vol. IV, pp. 93-101. Tram statistics by state, rather than by city.

Brazil. Ministério da Agricultura, Commércio e Obras Públicas. Relatórios & Annexos, 1862-1909. (Issued by Ministério da Indústria, Viação e Obras Públicas, 1893-1909.) RJ, 1862-1909. Uneven but valuable chapters on "Ferro-Carris," especially 1882 ff. 1902 volume has fold-out tramway chart.

Brazil. Ministério da Agricultura, Indústria e Commércio. Directoria Geral de Estatística. Relatório dos Trabalhos dos Annos de 1916 e 1917. RJ, 1921. "Carris Urbanos," pp. 196-7. Discussion of difficulty of obtaining tram data. Only mention, in government literature, of lines in Cataguases and Mendes.

Brazil. Serviço Geográphico do Exército. Topographic maps, at scales 1:25,000 & 1:50,000. RJ, 1922-46. Superb tramway detail.

Brazil-Ferro-Carril. RJ, 1910-50. Trade journal. Many news items on trams, but only one feature article (Guarujá). Data also on telephony, telegraphy, radio, television, aviation, etc.

Brazilian Review. RJ, 1898-1914. Business, politics, gossip, many notes on trams.

"Brazilian Traction, Light & Power Co., Ltd." Electric Railway & Tramway Journal (L), 1923/8/10, 71. Roster and other data for Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and - unexpected - Sorocaba.

Brill Magazine. Philadelphia, 1907-27. Illustrated articles on trams built for Campinas, Salvador, Recife, Petrópolis, São Paulo, Piraju, Guaratinguetá, São Luís, Pelotas and Rio de Janeiro. No mention of cars that Brill built during this period for Belo Horizonte, Juiz de Fora, Vitória, Vila Velha, Maceió, Rio Grande and Belém.

Cattell, Edward J. South America. Philadelphia, 1903. Tramway index, p. 20. Primitive, but pioneer.

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Electric Railway Journal: see Street Railway Journal

Electrical Review. L, 1872-. One of the most useful trade journals: good international coverage, good indexes.

Electrical World. NY, 1883-. Trade journal. Feature articles on Belém, Juiz de Fora, Manaus and Salvador (see Part 8).

The Electrician. L, 1878-1962. Trade journal. Frequent news items on Brazilian tramways. Noted for its fold-out charts and "Annual Tables" of electric railways.

Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift. Berlin, 1880-. Trade journal. The best source of information about German tramways in Brazil.

Energia Elétrica no Brasil: Da Primeira Lâmpada à Eletrobrás. RJ, 1977. Illustrated history of electric industry in Brazil.

Engineering Magazine. Engineering Index. NY, 1884-. Annual summaries of articles on engineering subjects, including street railways.

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Revista das Estradas de Ferro. RJ, 1925-50. Railroad trade magazine similar to Brazil-Ferro-Carril. Occasional tram references.

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São Paulo (state). Commissão Geográphica e Geológica. About 75 topographic maps, scales 1:50,000 & 1:100,000. SP, 1905-30. Excellent detail for tramways in São Paulo area and interurban lines to Cabras, Campos do Jordão and Monte Alto.

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South American Journal. L, 1863-1955. Business, finance, tram news.

South American Year Book. L, 1913 & 1915 (two editions, similar data). Section on "Electric Light, Power and Tramway Companies" describes operations in 12 Brazilian cities. One of the first objective surveys.

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United States. Bureau of Foreign & Domestic Commerce. Latin American Transportation Survey. 14 vols., W, 1942-5. Brazilian tramways, no. 507, pp. 228-30. Rearrangement, by state, of data from 1937 Supplement to bureau's World Survey of Foreign Railways (below).

United States. BFDC (see above). Special Consular Reports no. 60 (1913): "Foreign Markets for Railway Supplies and Equipment." Brief description of a dozen Brazilian tramways.

United States. BFDC (see above). World Survey of Foreign Railways. W, 1933. 448-page list of railroads and tramways. Supplement pages, issued 1935-7, add entries, make corrections, note closures. Uneven, but valuable data on rolling stock, system length, gauge, finances, etc. Includes several tramways missing from Brazilian surveys.

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