a seaport city and capital of Indonesia, is located on the northwest coast of Java at the mouth of the Liwung River on Djakarta Bay. It is the largest city and principal port of Indonesia and an industrial and manufacturing center. Djakarta was founded in 1619 by the Dutch East India Company and gradually extended its control over neighboring sultanates and principalities. A horse tramway opened in 1869 and a steam tramway in 1881. The electric tramway system which opened on April 10, 1899, used an unusual 1188 mm gauge and did not replace or duplicate the steam tramway. The postcard shows a tram and trailer in front of the central railroad station. The system closed in 1962.





is located in eastern Java at the mouth of the Kali Mas River on the Surabaja Strait. It is a seaport and industrial center and Indonesia's principal naval base. Before World War II Surabaja was the principal Dutch naval base in the East Indies. A steam tramway system opened in the 1890s. The electric tramway system that opened on April 27, 1923, did not replace or duplicate the steam tramway lines. The postcard shows a typical tram and trailer against a background of Dutch colonial buildings. The system closed in January, 1968.