The Aqueduct


The Ferro-Carril Carioca, established in 1891, replaced Santa Teresa's
horse trams with electric streetcars that crossed the
disused aqueduct between Santa Teresa and Santo Antônio hills.
The photograph shows the inauguration of
electric service on 1 September 1896. (col. C. J. Dunlop)




One of many postcards that show a streetcar crossing
"Os Arcos da Lapa", as Brazilians call the structure today.
It dates from the 1740s. (col. AM)




Avenida Mem de Sá, about 1900.
Horsecars continued to run on the streets below for another 14 years.
(pc, col. AM)




Largo da Lapa, about 1910. A narrow gauge train of the
Ferro-Carril Carioca passes over a standard-gauge car
of Rio de Janeiro, Tramway, Light & Power.
(pc, col. AM)




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