Early Electrics


One of the seven original electric cars built for the Ferro-Carril Carioca
by the John Stephenson Co. in New York.
The vehicle had General Electric equipment and a Peckham 8-B truck.
(col. C. J. Dunlop)




Beyond the aqueduct electric cars climbed Santa Teresa Hill
on private right-of-way that later became Rua Joaquim Murtinho.
Track gauge of the electric tramway is a peculiar 1100 mm.
(pc, col. AM)




Largo do Guimarães, the commercial center of Santa Teresa and
junction of tram routes to Silvestre, Paula Mattos and the inclined plane.
Date of the photograph is 1897, when the horsecar tracks on the right
were regauged and converted to electric. (pc, col. AM)




Rua Almirante Alexandrino on the Silvestre line.
Origin of this streetcar is unknown. (pc, col. AM)




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