The 1940s, 50s & 60s


A motor car and trailer reversing at Silvestre terminus, about 1940.
The white building is part of Silvestre Restaurant which burned in 1934.
A portion of the angled track of the Corcovado cog railway
is visible next to the motor car. (pc, col. AM)




Dedication of a new tram, 5 October 1953. This vehicle
established the design still used by Santa Teresa trolleys today.
The tall man in the light suit center rear is Ferro-Carril Carioca
president Charles Julius Dunlop, who supplied the picture
and to whom this website is dedicated.




A 1963 view of the bucolic Silvestre line,
which closed after storm damage in 1966.
The route was rebuilt in the 1990s
and finally reopened in 1998.
(Earl W. Clark)




Streetcar 101, one of FCC's very few closed models,
on Rua Muratori in 1965. The Muratori branch, like the Silvestre line,
closed in 1966 and has never reopened.
(Foster M. Palmer)




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