A Santa Teresa horsecar
at the John Stephenson Co. factory in New York,
where it was built about 1875.
(col. Museum of the City of New York)




Horse tram service in Santa Teresa
was inaugurated on 13 March 1877.
The system began at the top of the Santa Teresa Inclined Plane
and was isolated from Rio de Janeiro's other streetcar lines.
Track gauge was 914 mm = 3 ft.
(pc, col. Elysio de Oliveira Belchior)




The Silvestre line ran alongside the Carioca Aqueduct
that brought water from the Carioca Mountains
to the fountain at Largo da Carioca in the center of town.
(pc, col. AM)




An early streetcar ticket (enlarged).
(Julio Meili, Das Brasilianische Geldwesen, v. 3, Zurich, 1903)




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