The Inclined Plane


Santa Teresa's funicular cars, like its street cars,
were built by the John Stephenson Co. in New York.
The picture was taken on East 27th Street in 1875
before the vehicle was shipped to Brazil.
(col. Museum of the City of New York)




The Santa Teresa Inclined Plane was inaugurated
with the street railway on 13 March 1877.
This painting shows a car climbing the side of the hill. Note bridge.
The date and the artist's identity are unknown.
(col. C. J. Dunlop)




A view from the top station showing a car on the bridge.
Note the tunnel far in the distance.
The wall on the right supports the electric tram depot today.
(col. AM)




A view uphill from the lower single-track section.
The tunnel is visible under the trees.
Santa Teresa's funicular continued operation through the 1920s.
(col. AM)




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