Largo da Carioca


A rare view of the original Ferro-Carril Carioca streetcar station
and the Largo da Carioca fountain.
Note Santo Antônio monastery on the hill.
Between 1896 and 1926 electric trams terminated
on the second floor of the iron-clad structure on the left.
(col. C. J. Dunlop)




After the Largo da Carioca tram station and fountain were demolished,
streetcars reversed ends at a new crossover on the street.
Santo Antônio monastery, which dates from the 18th century,
did not change and is the only structure in these pictures
that is still there today.
(col. C. J. Dunlop)




In 1933 Ferro-Carril Carioca inaugurated its new tram loop
inside the new Ordem Terceira Building.
Note remains of the old tram station lower left.
(col. C. J. Dunlop)




The streetcar loop inside the Ordem Terceira Building.
(col. C. J. Dunlop)





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