The 1970s & 80s


The 18th century aqueduct in 1976.
Note Santa Teresa church on Santa Teresa hill in the distance.




Since 1975 Santa Teresa trolleys have enjoyed a new
downtown terminal in front of the Petrobrás Building,
headquarters of Brazil's national oil company.
Largo da Carioca, where they used to turn around,
is on the other side. (AM)




Photograph of the present streetcar loop,
taken from the Petrobrás Building in 1988.




The aqueduct and the Santa Teresa tramway terminal today.
Until the 1960s the foreground area was occupied by Santo Antônio hill
and streetcars followed the wall along the police barracks on the left.
The carbarn (shown in The 1920s & 30s section) sat next to the police tower
in the center. Recently the aqueduct has been renovated and whitewashed
and is floodlit at night. In 1988 the Santa Teresa Tramway system
was accorded landmark status by the governor of Rio de Janeiro state.





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