The 1920s & 30s


The only known photograph of the parlor car that
Companhia Ferro-Carril Carioca had constructed
for the visit of King Albert I of Belgium in 1920.
It carried the royal family to Silvestre, where it boarded
the cog railway to continue up Corcovado Mountain .
The tram allegedly never ran again.
(col. C. J. Dunlop)




Following the visit of King Albert,
Ferro-Carril Carioca purchased streetcars 31-35
from Dyle & Bacalan in Leuven, Belgium.
(col. C. J. Dunlop)




The tramway company's main shops on Santo Antônio hill,
between the Aqueduct and Largo da Carioca.
This was the carbarn seen in the 1959 French motion picture
"Black Orpheus". Both it and the hill were leveled in the 1960s
and nothing in this photograph survives today.
Since 1960 trams have been stored and serviced
at the depot atop the former inclined plane.
(col. C. J. Dunlop)




Silvestre Restaurant, at the end of the Silvestre line, about 1930.
The Corcovado rack railway passed immediately beyond.
The restaurant burned in 1934, but streetcars continued to run here
until the hurricane of 1966. (col. C. J. Dunlop)




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