Carlos José Rivas Jayo. Mapas de Vías Férreas.
Extraordinary, beautiful track maps of Tuy Medio railway and
metros in Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia

Barquisimeto. Trolleybus project.
Transbarca website
Wikipedia page [in Spanish]
Contract signed, 28/2/2005

Caracas. La Rinconada - Cúa (Tuy Medio) railway.
Inauguration: 6 nice pictures
pdf has detailed map

Las Adjuntas - Los Teques railway.
Metro de Los Teques website: text, photos, maps

Caracas. Rapid transit system.
Official website
UrbanRail map, description, history, links
Map with fare info, etc.

Caracas. Tramway (closed).
History, 32 photos, satellite view, map 
Historia, 32 fotos, vista satelital, mapa 

Nice history with enlargeable photos!

Caracas. Trolleybus system (closed).
Text & photos
38-second video!!! [mislabeled; choose speed]

Carúpano. Tramway (closed)
History, map, 7 illustrations
Historia, mapa, 7 ilustraciones

La Guaira & Caracas Railway. (closed)
History, map, 23 illustrations
Historia, mapa, 23 ilustraciones

Maracaibo. Metro project.
Official website
UrbanRail page (with map)

Maracaibo. Tramway (closed).
My webpage with history, 10 illustrations, 2 maps
Los Tranvías de Maracaibo [Spanish version of above]
Large drawing of horsecar

Mérida. Aerial cableway (world's longest and highest).
Extraordinary photo of cablecar above clouds
Official website: history, photos, etc.
Webpage with photos

Mérida. Trolleybus system.
New Tromerca website
Minfra page about line 1 trolleybus: text, enlargeable pictures, my map!
Minfra page about line 3 cableway
Unofficial website by Gerardo Sánchez: text, photos, updates, news
The Trolleybuses of Mérida: description, map, 29 illustrations
Wikipedia page [in Spanish]
"espasamerida" videos: most show the trolleybus line
"venexjpb" videos: four of the trolleybus line
"Micro Trol Mérida" video (3:56)

My map of trolleybus system under construction
Miscellaneous early views (remains of earlier Trolmérida website)
Nice webpage with description, photos and diagrams
Grupo AM engineering report, 1999
World Investment News report
Update interview: 1/2009

San Cristóbal. Tramway project.

Valencia. Metro.
Metro de Valencia: official website
UrbanRail description and photos
Two photographs of first car, #1001
Illustrated site by Alexander Zeuss (unchanged since 12/2002)
Newspaper update, 10/2004
22 recent pictures of the construction (click numerals underneath)
Partial inauguration, 18/11/2006

Valencia. Tramway (closed).
History, map, 8 photographs
Historia, mapa, 8 fotografías

Trolleybus plans in Barquisimeto, Maracay and Caracas, 8/2004